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Touch Nordic – Global B2B Platform for Business Only. This is where the business happens.


Touch Nordic is an international B2B platform and set of events bringing private and public companies, governmental trade and export agencies from around the world to to meet and network for new business! We provide a platform for your business.

We are hosting a continuous set-up of events internationally so please follow us for updates. We are obviously living under unusual times currently but we are back soon – and supporting your next steps to new markets better than ever!




Touch Nordic.

Our events & services?

It’s all about global
Trade & business

We believe that we have all been sitting enough in seminars and conferences and that’s why we do things differently – we focus only on concrete opportunities and ways to do and develop business! Touch Nordic is where the business happens.

We are a real platform, less those just-talks, more actions for business with professional B2B Matchmaking is our way to support your business.

We are bringing you a professional platform for your business where you can meet and talk with your clients, both new and existing ones in a very professional environment enabling new business.

Import and export – or simply trade as you might call it – is really the hearth of every business. It has been like that for thousands of years and it is sill the real engine of the global business world. Whatever business or industry sector your company is working with, it is all about selling and buying products –  both physically or online – and whether you manufacture, build, design, trade, educate, promote or distribute, by end of the day it is all about trade. And for that you need to network, meet, talk and sell. And that is what we help you to do by providing a professional platform for business. 

Welcome to join Touch Nordic, professional platform designed for business only.


We are here simply for New Business.

Whatever business or industry sector your company is working with, we would welcome you to join us. We have hosted over hundreds of companies in our Business Summits over the last four years, advised hundred of companies internationally and we believe that we know how to boost businesses. 

We believe in the power of networking in business.  And it is not only about those tradional B2B talks: we would also encourage all governmental trade and export agencies to join the crowd for promotion, advising and network. Touch Nordic offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your country for business and investments.

Whether you are running a business in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Gulf Region, Oceania or just globally, we are offering you a unique opportunity to showcase your company and meet potential business partners during the Touch Nordic is for you. 

“We are living in a very digital global market but doing serious business and trade still requires to meet and face your potential customers personally.
And that is exactly why we built the Touch Nordic platform for global business!”



Business Opportunities.

Touch Nordic is a platform where companies meet and network for business. Therefore we don’t limit the business sectors participating in the first place – it’s the companies, their interest, products and services, which creates the content supporting new business!

Below you will find just a few examples of business sectors covered through our activities – all in terms of events, talks and our advisors and participating companies.  Let us know what you want to do – we are here for you!


Digitalisation, new driving force of business. Whether your company works with IT, sourcing, telcos, planning, SW testing, AI solutions, robots or new technology for manufacturing it is time to meet with your existing and new clients.

Education, international cooperation, skills

The real secret for every successful business lays in the education. And that is exactly why Touch Nordic strongly touches the subject too. For international cooperation, both academic and professional training, private-public partnerships. 

Manufacturing, Export-Import, Trade, Finance

Manufacturing, export and import, engineering industries, outsourcing, financing, insurances, other services i.e. everything you might be interested to offer to your customers around the world. 

Energy, Cleantech, Environmental Technology

New energy solutions from solar to wind, waves and beyond. From clean drinking water to advanced water treatment solutions in mining or industry. And how to build all those things. It is time to showcase your company and meet your customers and partners.

Healthcare, health tech, training, food, food production, disaster management

From healthcare and new technologies to training and research. From food trade and production to disaster management and beyond. All examples where your company or organisation can operate and if you are looking for new customers or partners, or you want to showcase your portfolio of expertise we would welcome you to join us!

Tourism, Travel, Investment, Promotion

Investments and business in tourism and travel sectors., in both business and pleasure is a booming business sector and there is just more to come! Whether you want to showcase your country or destination, meet potential partners for you projects, Touch Nordic can bring you the stage with the right B2B decision makers. We want to showcase new markets and new opportunities around the world!



We are hosting a continuous set-up of events internationally, all 100% B2B events wrapped with plenty of training, talks, meetings and networking – both physical and online. Keep following us for updates.


Please keep following us for the updates – we are all around the world and online.

And these challenging times with COVID19 will be over soon and we are ready to meet again!


Every company looking for new business, new customers, new distributors and growing exports or trade. Whether you are a company from Europe, Asia, North or Southern America or Africa, this is your chance to do business.


As we all know, around the world and almost in every business, the year of 2020 was something we couldn’t see happening. But times will get better, as always.

Be ready and check the updates.



New Business is all about networking and meetings the right people in the right place.

Did you know?

Trade between Europe (EU) and Asia was € 1,393,047 million in 2016 so there is certainly a lot going on! Take a look EU trade here.

The WTO anticipates merchandise trade volume growth of 4.4% in 2018, read more here.

So there is certainly a lot of trade, deals, negotiations and deals going on!

Global Business Summit Events by us and our partners

We are connecting businesses, industries and people for business with both big events and also by hosting smaller and more focused delegations. We all come from the business life and we know how these networking for business works.
Since 2014 we have hosted over 600 business professionals for networking, new business and trade in Europe and Asia!

Are you ready for business?
Let us know!


If you have any further questions about our operations, coming events, our services please drop us a message and we’ll take it from there.


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